The weather seem to sympathize with me

A minute ago, raindrops pours down all over in this place where I am exactly sitting. Now, I could see picture of people passing by. Family, having there little chitchat over something (which I don’t know of course). A group of friends trying to make themselves funny over each other. Also there are those who are alone or could be termed as loner.

Alone. That would be the best word to described my present situation. I decided to go on by myself for to think of something. Something that would make me chose between Someone that seems to be very important and a friendship that I am just starting to build.

Friendship. It is the most valuable relationship for a teenager like me. Friends are your only companion and your somewhat solution to problems concerning parents. More over and most oftenly, they are the ones who listen  more than anybody else. They are the best companions.

Yet falling for a friend? It is the most difficult thing to ever happen. A lot of things might be at risk; even the friendship that have been made years before strongly established.

This thought started with why and ends with why. Where should this situation bring me? Who should I choose? This things I have asked and think about, on this lonely night, alone.

The weather seems to sympathize with me. The rain starts to pour again. Which reminds me: to go on.