“Many are called, yet few are chosen.”

Faith. According to Mr. Webster’s it is the confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person idea, or thing. But how about faith in God? It differs a lot.

I have been invited by a friend to attend a seminar about Christian Living. And it does require you to attend for 9 consecutive Saturdays to complete. Every Saturday includes a talk which would be given by those who have attend this seminar previously. Each talk is linked to christian living. Since it had just started, the seminar started with the first talk: it is all about God’s Love.

We most often define love as the affection to another person. But as we would all know this definition is much more and is far away from what God’s definition of love is.


(1 John 4:8)

Yes. God is Love. This can be proven by some of the passages in the Bible. “For God so love the world, that he gave us his only son” (John 3:16). This passage from the bible is just one manifestation of what God’s definition of love. God’s definition of love is unique, unconditional, and much more unselfish. We could never compare our love from God’s love.

Our definition of love is only based on mere feelings and emotions. Often times we consider love as what we see, personal appearances and intelligence, which where those mere feelings evolve where our own definition of our so-called love has been based.

But in anyways, have you felt his love? The love of God? God’s unconditional love. It would never be felt on just a flick of a hand. Nor in just a blink of an eye. Trials would be given. Problems to test your faith would come. Are you ready for these? Surely you would ask, Whats the point of facing all those trials and problems just to feel his love? The answer would be Those trials and problems would let you call for HIM and would let you remember that YOU have HIM when no one is there. People sometimes have TRUE FAITH, When Hope Starts To FADE. We always forget about him on our happy times and surely would never forget of him during those difficult times.

I learned, that God wants happiness for us. That’s why he has given us everything. He wants us have peace. For in peace, we would achieve constant happiness and joy in our hearts. He has given as the gift of silence; so that in times of trouble and distress we could think and pray for his guidance. 

Faith and Love. One of the foundation of Christ legacy to us. With faith in him almost everything is possible. And to know that unconditional love? Its PRICELESS.

“God has done his part. God has given us everything. Thus, it is our time to think of a way to thank him back.”