A note like this would usually start with “to the Honorable chancellor Atty. Abdurahman Canacan.” But since I cannot do the same let me just start this note with a simple CONGRATULATIONS, with the warmest hugs and kisses from a friend you used to know. There is no room for flowery words now. But I should say: YOU MADE IT! YOU HAVE BRING HOME THE BACON!

I couldn’t hardly remember how we had started our lives in college. It has been 4 years though. And in that 4 years, a lot of memories have been built, good and bad, and this includes with or without ME!. Memories that are worth the keeping. Four long years of learning from this institution. Four long years of molding to be a good citizen. Four long years of studying how the world goes (weh?). Four long years of friendship.

Days ago, I was asked by a professor from the academe. “Gagradweyt ka ba?”. “Hindi po.” I replied. In one thought, I told myself, its definitely fine with me. It doesn’t matter when to graduate. But deep inside? There is so much regret. When I have seen some of our classmates have there TOGA’s, I was in deep jealousy. Then it came to me the feeling of intense regret.

Much to say, I am very PROUD OF YOU GUYS. Hindi nyo lang alam. As I walk down the grounds of Mindanao State University this coming school year, I will surely miss you.

Today, marks your greatest achievement. A once in a lifetime experience. Savor the moment guys. And after, CHASE YOUR DREAMS. Set your goals and off you go! Make it happen.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS and may the good LORD bless you all.