It’s always good to have fun with friends. Persons who can let you experience profound happiness mixed with true adventure.

Summer. The very best season of the year. A time to have fun while enjoying the heat or should I say moody weather brought to us by nature. Summer, in most of the hearts of the youngsters, is an important season because it is at this time where they can have all the fun, excitement and adventure with friends away from the pressures of studies. Much more, this is the season where are ideas are usually materialized such as those of the plans for reunions, vacations and a lot more. Also (for some) this is the perfect time to stay at home; sitting back, relaxing and enjoying (in terms of eating I guess).

A lot of things can be done on summer season and this would include some new things and places that you will and would have first time to experience. And at the end of the day, you would start missing not only the place but also the people whom you have shared those fun, exciting and even adventurous memories.

My summer has been full of fun because of some new found friends. For someone like me that values true friendship and has a criterion of “old friends are still the best”, gaining some new friends would be and in a greater sense difficult to handle. Yet, having this “extraordinary friends”, even if they are new to you; you would fast forget about the criterion. They are the ones who would make you feel happy and would take you to a every minute adventure that you would surely miss. They are the best in the short run. How much more on the long run?


busy thinking on how to do something. Curious?

Recently, I’ve been to these place. Thanks to my new found friends. This is a place called tuburan. I don’t really know where on earth did they got the name, but one thing is for sure; being here is fun.

At first I have been hesitant to be with them knowing that I have grown up on an environment where people don’t exactly do adventures. I have done many adventures though; the only difference is, it is on books. One of my biggest imaginary adventure happened when I have read The Codex (I have forgot who wrote it sorry).

Back on the main line, when I joined them to be on this place, it feels like an adventure to me and an ordinary day for them.

Maybe you are that curious on how does it feel to be on this place. Well, if you have been a nature lover all this time then you would love to see this place. Green is all you can see. It feels like being in a long lost paradise. Much more, the fresh air that you can breathe and the cozy water brought by the river would be the things that you would miss. It feels like addictive to be on this place.


Much more with the paradise experience are the captured moments. Not just by the camera., but also by the hypothalamic part of our brains. The experience is much more fun with all those people surrounding you. And at the truer sense, the fun and the adventure are just the things that you call as a plus; it is the people on those memories that make the memories worth it.


Maybe, it ends here. The summer fun that I would always want to experience.  But, I would never forget the fun and happiness it brought me. This years summer experience is the best. Much more, I gained new friends.

mga multo sa tuburan… starring Bam2 the great…

My summer would end up full of happiness and joy, because of the memories I with my friends made. And I am much ready to open a new story of fun and adventure with those old and new friends of mine.