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As I write this post, I was thinking of never writing it. Ang gulo diba? Kung gaano kagulo ang phrase na yun, ganoon din kagulo ang utak ko sa ngayon. But, this can really help me a lot. I just want to ease the pain that made me up and stay awake for nights.

Do I deserve someone like you? The answer would be NO. Reasons? I don’t know.  Maybe it’s just we are not compatible with each other. Your are far way better than I am.

Do you deserve someone like me? The answer is I DON’T REALLY KNOW! What I just have in mind is that “If you can’t understand the way I feel and can’t understand my attitude? Then you don’t deserve me as well.”

Bakit pa ako nagmahal? Hindi naman talaga yun maiiwasan. Isa itong sitwasyon kung saan dapat subukan para naman malaman kung uubra o hindi. Lahat tayo binigyan ng pagkakataon. Pero kung hindi mo kayang masaktan? Bakit ka pa magmamahal? Minsan, nasasabi kong SAYANG hindi kami. Pero kung nakikita ko rin lang naman syang masaya, pwede ko na rin sabihing BUTI NALANG HINDI NAGING KAMI. Bakit? Dahil marahil kung sa akin sya napunta, hindi sya magiging masaya. 🙂 Kumplikado ang magmahal. Pero masarap itong balik balikan 🙂

Hindi ako magababago dahil lang dito. Kababawan yun. Ang importante, magkaibigan tayo 🙂 Kahit mahirap ok lang. Kahit nasasaktan? Ok lang. Mas mabuti na ang ganito, kaysa naman masira pa ang samahan na pinaghirapan nating binuo. 🙂 Salamat sayo, malaki ang aking ipinagbago 🙂

Here is a quoted text for him: (sent via SMS)

Na realize nako na tama ka. Kung love jud ta ka, dapat happy ko sa mga butang na happy ka. Sorry kung drama kaayo ko. Mahadlok lang jud ko na mawala ka sa ako. Special kaayo ang atong friendship para sa akoa. Kay sa tanan Ikaw lang ang akong gusto ingatan. Kung after ani magchange and tanan, di nako matingala. Pero ill be the usual person you used to know. Happy ko na happy ka.Kuntento nako 🙂 Gaan na ako loob na naingon nako ni.


My Religion Says…

Religion. It is always the most used weapon in terms of making decisions. Whether it be on legislative matters or just on a simple do’s and don’ts. It is the foundation of human faith. The foundation of ones personality. The foundation of true self. Regardless of whether what is your religion, we all believe that someone is much superior to us and that maybe called as its basic principle. The choice is ours. We can choose where to invest our faith and also has the choice whether not to invest it.

Long Weekend

It feels good to know that we will be having a long break from going to school. Especially, when you feel that school adds up to your burden and problems that you have to face daily. The long break would start up today. But honestly, what I feel today is too much boredom. Boredom that takes me into a situation that I thought a lot more of school. 😀

It was four years ago since I have been able to step on the grounds of Mindanao State University. And when you say four years ago, that means memories are made, friendships have come and go, and most especially experiences are felt.

I am supposed to graduate last semester. But thanks to my laziness and other unavoidable circumstances and excuses, I am once more have to step in the arena of both heaven and hell. The feeling of eagerness to finish this once and for all comes in me.

As this new chapter of hardness and sacrifice starts once more, I have promised and prayed that I will finish this fight sooner; by hood or by crook.

Happy Learning To All Students!

It’s always good to have fun with friends. Persons who can let you experience profound happiness mixed with true adventure.

Summer. The very best season of the year. A time to have fun while enjoying the heat or should I say moody weather brought to us by nature. Summer, in most of the hearts of the youngsters, is an important season because it is at this time where they can have all the fun, excitement and adventure with friends away from the pressures of studies. Much more, this is the season where are ideas are usually materialized such as those of the plans for reunions, vacations and a lot more. Also (for some) this is the perfect time to stay at home; sitting back, relaxing and enjoying (in terms of eating I guess).

A lot of things can be done on summer season and this would include some new things and places that you will and would have first time to experience. And at the end of the day, you would start missing not only the place but also the people whom you have shared those fun, exciting and even adventurous memories.

My summer has been full of fun because of some new found friends. For someone like me that values true friendship and has a criterion of “old friends are still the best”, gaining some new friends would be and in a greater sense difficult to handle. Yet, having this “extraordinary friends”, even if they are new to you; you would fast forget about the criterion. They are the ones who would make you feel happy and would take you to a every minute adventure that you would surely miss. They are the best in the short run. How much more on the long run?


busy thinking on how to do something. Curious?

Recently, I’ve been to these place. Thanks to my new found friends. This is a place called tuburan. I don’t really know where on earth did they got the name, but one thing is for sure; being here is fun.

At first I have been hesitant to be with them knowing that I have grown up on an environment where people don’t exactly do adventures. I have done many adventures though; the only difference is, it is on books. One of my biggest imaginary adventure happened when I have read The Codex (I have forgot who wrote it sorry).

Back on the main line, when I joined them to be on this place, it feels like an adventure to me and an ordinary day for them.

Maybe you are that curious on how does it feel to be on this place. Well, if you have been a nature lover all this time then you would love to see this place. Green is all you can see. It feels like being in a long lost paradise. Much more, the fresh air that you can breathe and the cozy water brought by the river would be the things that you would miss. It feels like addictive to be on this place.


Much more with the paradise experience are the captured moments. Not just by the camera., but also by the hypothalamic part of our brains. The experience is much more fun with all those people surrounding you. And at the truer sense, the fun and the adventure are just the things that you call as a plus; it is the people on those memories that make the memories worth it.


Maybe, it ends here. The summer fun that I would always want to experience.  But, I would never forget the fun and happiness it brought me. This years summer experience is the best. Much more, I gained new friends.

mga multo sa tuburan… starring Bam2 the great…

My summer would end up full of happiness and joy, because of the memories I with my friends made. And I am much ready to open a new story of fun and adventure with those old and new friends of mine.

“Many are called, yet few are chosen.”

Faith. According to Mr. Webster’s it is the confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person idea, or thing. But how about faith in God? It differs a lot.

I have been invited by a friend to attend a seminar about Christian Living. And it does require you to attend for 9 consecutive Saturdays to complete. Every Saturday includes a talk which would be given by those who have attend this seminar previously. Each talk is linked to christian living. Since it had just started, the seminar started with the first talk: it is all about God’s Love.

We most often define love as the affection to another person. But as we would all know this definition is much more and is far away from what God’s definition of love is.


(1 John 4:8)

Yes. God is Love. This can be proven by some of the passages in the Bible. “For God so love the world, that he gave us his only son” (John 3:16). This passage from the bible is just one manifestation of what God’s definition of love. God’s definition of love is unique, unconditional, and much more unselfish. We could never compare our love from God’s love.

Our definition of love is only based on mere feelings and emotions. Often times we consider love as what we see, personal appearances and intelligence, which where those mere feelings evolve where our own definition of our so-called love has been based.

But in anyways, have you felt his love? The love of God? God’s unconditional love. It would never be felt on just a flick of a hand. Nor in just a blink of an eye. Trials would be given. Problems to test your faith would come. Are you ready for these? Surely you would ask, Whats the point of facing all those trials and problems just to feel his love? The answer would be Those trials and problems would let you call for HIM and would let you remember that YOU have HIM when no one is there. People sometimes have TRUE FAITH, When Hope Starts To FADE. We always forget about him on our happy times and surely would never forget of him during those difficult times.

I learned, that God wants happiness for us. That’s why he has given us everything. He wants us have peace. For in peace, we would achieve constant happiness and joy in our hearts. He has given as the gift of silence; so that in times of trouble and distress we could think and pray for his guidance. 

Faith and Love. One of the foundation of Christ legacy to us. With faith in him almost everything is possible. And to know that unconditional love? Its PRICELESS.

“God has done his part. God has given us everything. Thus, it is our time to think of a way to thank him back.”  


Smiles: House with family

At this very moment, I am here at home. I am supposed to do something for my articles. Yet, the family is talking something and everything. It is fun 😀

A Night Alone

The weather seem to sympathize with me

A minute ago, raindrops pours down all over in this place where I am exactly sitting. Now, I could see picture of people passing by. Family, having there little chitchat over something (which I don’t know of course). A group of friends trying to make themselves funny over each other. Also there are those who are alone or could be termed as loner.

Alone. That would be the best word to described my present situation. I decided to go on by myself for to think of something. Something that would make me chose between Someone that seems to be very important and a friendship that I am just starting to build.

Friendship. It is the most valuable relationship for a teenager like me. Friends are your only companion and your somewhat solution to problems concerning parents. More over and most oftenly, they are the ones who listen  more than anybody else. They are the best companions.

Yet falling for a friend? It is the most difficult thing to ever happen. A lot of things might be at risk; even the friendship that have been made years before strongly established.

This thought started with why and ends with why. Where should this situation bring me? Who should I choose? This things I have asked and think about, on this lonely night, alone.

The weather seems to sympathize with me. The rain starts to pour again. Which reminds me: to go on.

It is because of love. The exact phrase Lola would tell us when asked why did she chose Philippines over a nicer life in her homeland Japan. Though far from her place of origin (where her family resides),  Lola brings with her the nicest smile ever. A smile that would mirror on how she misses her homeland very much. A smile that would also tell of no regrets. That she had chosen the right path. Being a Japanese living in a place where customs and culture is much much  different, she is really a survivor. She had devoted almost all of her life for her family.

A traveler. A fighter. A friend. A survivor. That’s what our Lola is. Her sweetest memories would always remain in us. I would really miss the times when render services for her (caregiver kunuhay). Inject meds diri. Painum tambal didto. Pailis diri. Timpla Kape didto. Now that she is gone, no one would wake up early, make cofee and sit in the couch outside.

Our sincerest thanks sa lahat ng nakiramay at napaabot ng pakikiramay. No words can describe on how we feel. Its been six days since my beloved LoLa has passed away. For a grandchild who have been with her all the way, it truly hurts. 19 years of my life, she has been an inspiration. Now, that she is gone, memories are most kept in my heart. Those talks on the sala. Those Nihonggo lessons. Those quarrels about little things.

Life for us must go on. I know that she would always love to see us keep going. I will truly miss her. We would always miss her!

Sayonnara obasaan… Till we meet again 😦

Again salamat sa lahat. For the condolences and all…

A captured moment by a Japanese photographer who visited her. The story of her life and her thoughts of love was featured in a local newspaper in Japan.



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