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The words that could not be utter are sometimes feelings that are coming from most deepest area of your soul and heart. Feelings that can be hidden for a long time. Developing the complexity of how love could be 🙂 Mistakes turned to experience. Experience turned to realization. Realization that could change your inner soul.



Its all about LOVE :)

“Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives its meaning :)” – Anonymous

I had a difficulty on getting up. It’s the last day of the week for me today and tomorrow would be my rest day from work. My mind say’s: You need to get up, aren’t you happy? It’s last day today! But my body is saying otherwise. But it seems that the world left me with no choice at all. I got up out of bed. Sip coffee. Got my towel. Took a bath and sat down face the TV to ate my meal before going to work.

This was the first time that I took a meal while watching a TV series. Why? Because this is also the first time that we had a television in the room. I’m watching The Originals 2 and was hooked to it. Was fascinated with how the werewolves fought witches for survival (Am not really not an avid fan, and this is also the first time I’ve sawn the movie series). Watching the movie series while eating made me feel that the clock has took its turn so fast. The very first time that I felt such. I finished the last bite of my viand and when I look into the clock, my eyes widened to realize that it is already quarter to six. And my work starts at 6 o’clock!

I rushed towards the closet to get some clothes to wear. Then I realized that this is the first time that my clothes are neatly arranged and, some of them are neatly hanged in a closet. But I really had no time already to think of it. I pulled the very first pants that I could see on that closet and put on my favorite yellow polo that an aunt gave me. Fast as flash, I put on some gel on my hair, ducked my things on my bag, put on my ID, and rushed out of the door of our new boarding house.

Tik tok. 10 minutes to six. I’ll be late, that’s for sure. I was walking down the street and made to pass by a nearby church. 5 minutes. But I still managed to get into the gates of the church say my little prayer. 6 o’clock. I know that this is happening. While I was walking, I checked on my pockets for the first time and to my surprise my fare for the day is on a separate pants! (How unfortunate) I have to go back. I have no choice at all. I walked for almost fifteen minutes before I could reach the boarding house.

Tik tok. It took me 30 minutes to be back on track. I’m really late. And to add on the unfortunate event, I need to walk again for another ten minutes in order for me to get ride going to work. I can already picture out the face of my supervisor asking me why I am late. But anyways its last day. I arrived late, but when I entered the production floor, my supervisor is not yet around. Then I smiled.

While I’m writing this, I looked back on what happened. Then I wished, I never have done those first times, but I was glad to notice things for the first time 🙂


Science is really amazing 🙂 Take time to read 🙂

Wander Woman Thea

It’s that time of the week again! Time to reflect on the sheer genius that’s come to pass this week. Here’s a fresh blog roll, new and awesome science videos and some nerdy jokes…

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I’m older, not elder

Here is another one 🙂

I've become my parents

fashion over the years

I gave a talk this week to a senior’s society. They were very nice people. Until someone pointed out that I’m only five years away from qualifying to join.


I’m not ready to be a senior citizen; my parents are senior citizens.

Statistically speaking, it’s likely that I’ve already lived over half of my life. There was a time when, if I wanted something bad enough, I could make it happen. There were no limits to the possibilities. I had the time, energy, optimism and a whole lifetime ahead of me to work on it. Mostly, though, I was too stupid to know my limitations. Dream it and I could make it happen.

It is strange now to know there are some things that, no matter how much I want to, I will never do before I die. It’s too late to become a fireman or an astronaut. I’ll…

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This is a good read 🙂 Please Take time 🙂

A note like this would usually start with “to the Honorable chancellor Atty. Abdurahman Canacan.” But since I cannot do the same let me just start this note with a simple CONGRATULATIONS, with the warmest hugs and kisses from a friend you used to know. There is no room for flowery words now. But I should say: YOU MADE IT! YOU HAVE BRING HOME THE BACON!

I couldn’t hardly remember how we had started our lives in college. It has been 4 years though. And in that 4 years, a lot of memories have been built, good and bad, and this includes with or without ME!. Memories that are worth the keeping. Four long years of learning from this institution. Four long years of molding to be a good citizen. Four long years of studying how the world goes (weh?). Four long years of friendship.

Days ago, I was asked by a professor from the academe. “Gagradweyt ka ba?”. “Hindi po.” I replied. In one thought, I told myself, its definitely fine with me. It doesn’t matter when to graduate. But deep inside? There is so much regret. When I have seen some of our classmates have there TOGA’s, I was in deep jealousy. Then it came to me the feeling of intense regret.

Much to say, I am very PROUD OF YOU GUYS. Hindi nyo lang alam. As I walk down the grounds of Mindanao State University this coming school year, I will surely miss you.

Today, marks your greatest achievement. A once in a lifetime experience. Savor the moment guys. And after, CHASE YOUR DREAMS. Set your goals and off you go! Make it happen.

Again, CONGRATULATIONS and may the good LORD bless you all.

I really don’t know what had happened. It seems that I was lost in time. I was asking myself: did I made the right decision by saying yes? Am I really happy? Before I set off for work just today, I entered the gates of the church and quietly ask God; Where are you really taking me?  I’m saying that I’m happy but there is something that is missing in me. As I got out of the church I saw a man on the street begging for alms; a woman with her kid looking for something to eat; a father working real hard for the family. Right then I realized that I should never ask the same question again, most especially to God. His plans is greater than my plans. And I know that he is taking me to something better and that this emptiness that I can feel right now will soon be gone. I just have to trust his great plans. Not just for me, but for everyone.

Nasimulan ko na rin lang naman, ipagpapatuloy ko na. Hindi eto isang nobela huh. Tungkol eto sa isang nabigong pag-ibig na pilit kinakalimutan ng sumulat ng post na ito (sino raw?). Ang araw na ito ang pinakamahalagang araw. Parang pasko ng mga Kristyano. O di kaya ay Eidel F’tir ng mga Muslim. Bakit nga ba mahalaga ang araw na ito?


Dahil ito ang araw kung saan isisilang ang bagong AKO. Paano? Ikukwento ko, paghanda na ako 🙂 



Sorry sa kaadikan ko. Pati ikaw nadamay 🙂 


Magandang gabi 🙂